Best app to move apps to SD card in Android devices

There will be situations where the phone storage in Android device is filled and is left with no more storage. In such a situation, the best solution to free up memory without deleting data is to move data to external SD storage.

Move Apps – App 2 SD app is the best app available in the market. It is available for free.

Best app to move apps to SD card in Android devices

Features in Move Apps – App 2 SD

  • List all movable apps i.e. those apps that can be moved to SD card.
  • Notification when there is a new app installed which can be moved to internal or external SD card.
  • Add movable apps to ignore list, to stop notification for those apps.
  • Move all apps with menu button and more than one app with multiple mode.
  • Lists Phone Only Apps, SD Card Apps and All Apps.
  • Clear Cache notification with variable options like clear cache when cache size is greater than 500KB, 1MB etc.,.
  • Move apps back to phone internal storage from SD card.
    Move apps to SD Card
  • Sort app by name, date and size.
  • Caching for fast access (in case app takes a lot of time to load).
  • Option to list system apps.
  • Info bar to show memory info (phone and SD card) and number of apps.
  • Refresh button to update app list manually.
  • Customize notification with sound, vibration and light.
  • Share apps with your friends.

Only the apps configured to support installation on SD card by the developer can be moved to SD card. So you will see many apps under the tab “Phone Only”.

Phone only apps

Moving an app to SD card is handled by the Android OS. App 2 SD app provides an UI for you to manage it. Currently, Android only supports the primary external storage (an external SD card) for App 2 SD. If the device does not have a real primary external storage (an external SD Card) or it is emulated from the internal phone storage, the move App to SD option will not be available. It’s a hardware limitation.

Download Move Apps – App 2 SD

Download the app from Google Play Store : Move Apps – App 2 SD.

The app requires Android version 2.2 and above. The size of the app is 170 Kilobytes.

The app works efficiently and you will be satisfied.
Assurance by experienced Android user Subbu Kollipara.